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Parents are encouraged to participate in all aspects of the clubs activities. Vale Wanderers Football Club is a voluntary organisation and would cease to function but for the work carried out by the officials of the club, the majority of whom are parents.

Encourage your child to speak with the coach. If your child is having difficulties, in training or games, encourage him/her to speak directly with the coach. This gives them a greater responsibility and ownership of all aspects of their game.

Parents must:

  • Be your childs best fan and support them unconditionally both before, during and especially after games.
  • Always focus on the positive aspects of their game.
  • Develop a responsibility in your child to pack their own kit, clean boots and bring along their own bottle full of water only.
  • Discourage your child from eating immediately before games and no fizzy drinks.
  • Respect the facilities at our opponents grounds.
  • Focus on the performance not the result.
  • Support all the players in your childs squad.

Parents must NOT:

  • Coach from the side of the pitch.
  • Criticise your child or any other player.
  • Criticise your childs coach to your child or other parents. If you are not happy with the coach you should raise the issue with an officer of the club.
  • Enter the field of play.
  • Criticise the opponents, their parents or their officials.
  • Dispute a referees decision. Abusing or shouting at the referee may lead to the club being fined or disciplined.