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The Players code of conduct in Vale Wanderers Football Club is to provide football and related activities for our members in a healthy and safe environment so that each player can gain in confidence and maximise their own unique potential.

  • Players should show sportsmanship at all times in both victory and defeat.
  • All players are required to behave themselves in an appropriate manner at all times whether at a match, practice session, club outing or at any time while representing the club.
  • Players must follow the instructions of and show respect for the coach.
  • Players must:
    • Play according to the laws and spirit of the game.
    • Be on time and be prepared for matches and training sessions.
    • Display self-control in all situations.
    • Never use foul or abusive language before, during or after a game or training
    • Train and play to the best of their ability, have a positive attitude, and encourage others to do the same.
    • Respect the opposition. Treat them as you would like them to treat you.
    • Respect the referee. Never dispute his or her decision.
    • Turn up for training in appropriate clothing
    • Turn up for matches in official club shorts & socks.
    • Wear the right footwear (studded boots). NB Blades not recommended for health and safety reasons.
    • Always wear shin guards
    • No jewelry allowed during matches or training
    • Players must clean their own boots

Finally, remember football is a game, so enjoy it and have fun!