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AtVale Wanderers FC we are proud to serve the community providing soccer to nearly 300 local boys and girls every year. Our ambition is to provide first class facilities for our current and future members. We are so close to turning our dream of building a full size all weather astro pitch with fencing and floodlighting into reality. We will also be extending the walking  track around the outside perimeters of the Superbowl. We know the project will cost about €300,000 to complete. Through various grants and other funding we have raised €240,000 leaving us with a gap of €60,000. We are now putting out an appeal to the Vale community and asking for your help to achieve our goal by making a contribution. With your help we can help close the funding gap and have this community facility up and running before Christmas.


This facility will not only benefit Vale but will be made available for free to Our  3 local primary schools for training and matches during the day as well as little Orchard crèche, Beam and many others who supported to help make this possible. We Know that the success of any club or group starts with players, coaches, volunteers in our community giving up their time for free. By making top class facilities available we hope it will benefit these groups. We can do more when we work together.

We don t see this project as the end of developing the Superbowl but rather the opportunity to take it to the next level, to have a revenue stream which can be used to develop it further and allow it to accommodate more groups involved in sporting, leisure and recreational activities.

Please use links below to donate.

€20 Donation

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€50 Donation

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€100 Donation

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