Guide to minding your pitch

The 2015/2016 season has been badly hit by Winter weather.  Pitches across the country have been hit heavy rain and flooding.  With no end in sight to the unpredictable weather, Vale Wanderers has put together this guide for minding your club pitch. Make sure the Youths team don't train on it,

A trip down memory lane

When you look at The Superbowl today, it is hard to imagine that only 6 years ago, the landscape of The Superbowl was literally a bowl! To remind us all of how far we have come, we found an article on which covers the events of the last day at

More work perfecting the pitch

The Superbowl pitch is shaping up to be in great condition for the start of the season.  Vale Wanderers have been working hard over the summer to make repairs.  Today the pitch was spiked and rolled.

Dugouts installed

Managers, players, coaches, waterboys and other squad members will have a comfy seat and shelter for the 2015/2016 season.  Home and away dugouts have been installed at the pitch.  A great addition to the facilities.  Hopefully there is a radiator installed for the those cold winter mornings!